Como surgiu a ideia do "workshop" sobre a Missa Tradicional em Fátima

O Paix Liturgique entrevistou o Padre Philips, superior dos Cónegos Regulares de São João Câncio, que, no decorrer da conversa, recordou como surgiu a ideia de realizar o workshop sobre liturgia tradicional em Fátima, no passado mês de Setembro:


7) Lastly could you tell us how a simple association of Chicago faithful ends up organizing a meeting for the discovery of the extraordinary form in Fatima?


FP: During our pilgrimage to Fatima last year (as a rule we take our novices there before their vows) a young man came up to us and asked whether we were indeed the Canons of Saint John Cantius.


During our conversation he described the situation in Portugal and in neighboring Spain and the reluctance that blocks all development of the extraordinary form in those countries. It is simply not proposed to the faithful, at least in Portugal.


He is regular reader of our internet site and knew that we had already organized conferences for the presentation and discovery of the extraordinary form. He asked us to organize something along the same lines at Fatima during our next pilgrimage and assured us that he could bring together enough interested laymen and clergy to justify this initiative.


We first asked for our archbishop’s approval and then wrote to the bishop of Leiria and to the rector of the Fatima shrine to propose the idea to them and ask for their agreement. The story might have stopped there with one or two letters of refusal, as some feared. Yet Providence was looking out for us and the rector as well as the bishop gave us a favorable answer.

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