Um apelo da "Una Voce", também para Portugal

Leo Darroch, presidente da Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce, está a apelar a todos os que possam contribuir com fundos necessários à contínua expansão da defesa da liturgia tradicional em todo o mundo. Portugal está agora incluido neste esforço dos benfeitores, fruto dos contactos que um grupo de fiéis leigos portugueses estabeleceu com a Federação com o objectivo de fundar uma "Una Voce Lusitania".


Assim sendo, peço-vos que tenhais este apelo em especial consideração, no sentido de levarmos a bom porto os esforços realizados até ao momento:


Dear Friends,


Since Pope Benedict XVI promulgated his motu proprio Summorum Pontificum in 2007 the work of the International Federation Una Voce has increased dramatically. At our biennial General Assembly in Rome in November 2009 we enrolled six new member associations - from Chile, Colombia, Ireland, Malta, Mexico, and Peru. Currently we are dealing with applications and enquiries from the Philippines, Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Belarus, Portugal, Honduras, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Panama. Many of these requests for help are from small groups that have no funds and they look to the International Federation to help them, not only with advice but also with practical matters such as the provision of altar missals, altar cards, appropriate vestments, and even with small donations towards the cost of training workshops for priests in poorer countries.


Like all our individual member associations worldwide, the International Federation headquarters has no funds other than the annual subscriptions from its members and the occasional donations from benefactors. We have no paid employees and all our funds are spent in furthering the cause of tradition.


The cause for the restoration of tradition has reached a crucial stage with the bishops of the world in the process of sending accounts to Rome about the implementation of Summorum Pontificum in their dioceses. I have no doubts that many of these accounts will not be favourable. The International Federation Una Voce is now established as one of the major voices of the Catholic laity worldwide and it needs to be a strong and vigorous voice for the laity when promoting the cause of tradition, and responding to the negative attitudes from Episcopal conferences.


Please help us in our ever-increasing work with a donation via our PayPal system. A Mass of thanksgiving will be offered in St Peter’s Basilica, Rome, for all our benefactors.


With my thanks in Domino and Domina,


Leo Darroch, President – Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce.

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